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My Approach to Zero Balancing (ZB)

Zero Balancing is a therapeutic technique I use to help my clients free themselves from blockages caused by physical injury, emotional stress, and trauma. These blockages can lead to chronic physical and emotional pain and a range of other ailments.

Approach Details

Zero BalancingI begin this form of therapy by asking my clients about how their bodies feel, what has been on their minds recently, and what they expect to get out of the treatment.

Throughout each session, my clients stay fully dressed in either a seated or lying position. The first part of the treatment involves an evaluation during which I locate the key treatment points where the flow of energy is blocked. Zero BalancingI then apply gentle pressure and traction to release the blockage and allow the energy to flow more smoothly throughout the body.

My clients often describe their experience during the treatment as if the “tension was melting away,” and that they “feel wider and more open.”  At the end of the treatment, my clients tend to be more relaxed and more balanced – in mind, body and spirit.

Note: ZB works together with medical therapy and does not substitute it.

How ZB helps you
  • Helps Regain Mobility and Enhances Movement
  • Releases Tension
  • Reduces Physical and Emotional Pain
  • Relieves Musculoskeletal Tension
  • Reduces Stress
  • Provides Deep Relaxation
  • Enhances Body Awareness
  • Enhances Concentration and Sleep
  • Reduces Stress

Learn more about Zero Balancing (ZB)

What is it?
Zero Balancing (ZB) is a relatively new body-mind treatment that was developed by Fritz Smith, MD in the early 1970s. Today, there are over 400 trained practitioners of ZB throughout the U. S. In a ZB treatment, the practitioner uses skilled touch and gentle traction to help positively affect the relationship between energy and structures of the body. The practitioner focuses on areas of tension in the bones, joints, and soft tissue and through gentle, carefully targeted manipulations releases blocked energy, so that the body can relax and reorganize itself and ultimately heal. A typical Zero Balancing session leaves you with a feeling of greater inner harmony and balance.


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