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"A great Process Acupressure session last night. I feel really different today. So MUCH MORE relaxed. Not stressing today. There is definitely a feeling of being more heart centered. Thank You! - "

"I would like to convey something about the wonderful way you combine your zero balancing work with massage. I feel open afterwards and much more aware of energy."
- K

"I appreciated the relaxing environment. learning what I could do at home, and feeling better! Also very individualized."

"Thanks, too, for the great session today. I can't believe how much straighter (and happier) my toes are!  I will work hard to keep them that way."

"I feel so much better! The bump on my left leg is down and my low back feels much, much better! You are great!"

"Both my massage and pressure point treatment were superb. Professional expertise, but also my comments, were considered and applied."

Zero Balancing

"Irma is great! I had a Zero Balancing session and it was wonderful! Felt so much in tune with my body and relaxed, thanks Irma. "
- J

"Acupressure is wonderful when combined with massage. I felt the stress leave my body as Irma worked her magic. And I could feel the tension release done my legs and out of the body. I saw blues and greens. Truly relaxing. Highly recommend this combination. "
- Francie

Irma, Thank you for wonderful hour spent with your hands on me! I am feeling centered, expansive and happy. You have the gift of healing and I am grateful that our paths have met! Aquacade and now massage. I am SO fortunate.

"Irma made me feel completely at ease from the moment I walked in. We discussed problem areas before she started, and she paid extra attention to those areas, and even discovered another problem area I hadn't been aware of. The massage, the warm towels, the relaxing aromas of lavender and herbs, along with Irma's kind and gentle manner, all left me feeling wonderfully pampered by the time I left. I will definitely be back, as soon as I can. "
- Cyndy

"Great massage! As a gardener and landscaper I have my share of aches and pains and a massage by Irma is very restorative. I recommend her highly."
- Susie Mader

Fabulous massage

I believe I have seen Irma about 4 or 5 times. In every case, she is very professional, gives a exceptional massage, and always checks in to see if her work is helpful. She has very practical advice to share always!!"
- C.T.

Irma is fantastic

"My family and I have all been longtime customers of Irma. Her massages are fantastic, we wouldn't use anyone else."
| - Erin P

Irma is wonderful

"I have been seeing irma for over 18 months. She is kind, attentive and a wonderful massage therapist. You always feel wonderful when she is done! I would highly recommend her!"
- Martha Z

A Sore Back No More

"I made an appointment with Irma to treat a very sore lower back. She took time to talk with me about my symptons and started an evaluation massage. She was able to relax the area and helped me with stretches. My back is so much better, I do not think about anymore. Thank you Irma!"
- Gerry Kelly

Irma massage

"1 hour of pure bliss! She quickly found the tight muscle knots and worked them out. I was soooo relaxed afterwards."
- francie c

Irma Stadler - the best !

"Irma is everything I expected and more. I felt invigorated, energized and just so much better ! Can't wait to see her again."

Irma Stalder, miracle worker

"I have a very bad back problem. I saw Irma yesterday and I am so much better. She listens to what your needs are and there is always an improvement. Yesterday I had trouble walking even a short distance. Today, I am thinking about what I want to do out in the yard."
- Elfi

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