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Irma Stalder Hi, my name is Irma. I have spent almost 20 years of my life helping people recover from physical and emotional setbacks. Throughout this time, I have developed a broad range of skills and experiences that allow me to help my clients achieve holistic healing, health, and well being.

I have been providing different types of body work treatments on the Peninsula for over 15 years.

I was born and raised in Switzerland, where I was trained as rehabilitation nurse and worked in several hospitals. After moving to California in 1995, I studied massage at the Body Therapy Center in Palo Alto and later became state certified as massage therapist in California. I have since received additional training and certification in :

My background as a rehabilitation nurse combined with my extensive experience in different forms of body work, allows me to effectively incorporate and combine various therapeutic elements into my treatments. In this way, I can best meet the individual needs of my clients and enhance their healing process.

Throughout my career, I have successfully helped people of all ages suffering from a wide range of ailments including: chronic pain, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), post-surgical trauma and emotional stress.

I also run a home wellness program where I develop for my clients a customized program of gentle stretches, acupressure points, and relaxation techniques that help them quickly reach more comfort and greater vitality.

I am constantly staying up to date on the latest techniques and expanding my knowledge of other therapeutic approaches so I can best help my clients to attain their personal goals.

Outside of work, I enjoy cycling, swimming, running, Yoga, and just being out, rejuvenating in nature. I have participated and completed marathons, cycling and Ironman competitions. I also love walking my little dog, Frida, and hiking, and in 2012, I hiked over 400 miles in just 33 days from Geneva to Nice.